Ice cream!

With this nice summer weather, anyone fancy a tasty ice cream! And I’m talking about real ICE, and not that soy ice cream. (Nothing against Soy, I breakfast almost every morning with soy yoghurt, but the ice cream does not taste like the REAL creamy ice cream) From there I went on a quest for a good recipe for delicious ice cream. The recipe is super easy, and it’s super easy to make variations on it, to things that you like, this is just like a base recipe for lactose-free ice-cream!  

Ice cream!
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Recipe type: Ice Cream
Cuisine: Dessert
  • Lactose and gluten-free yogurt (Natural Joghurt example of MinusL, or if you're not from Europe try the So Delicious yogurts! )
  • Lactose and Gluten Whipping cream 200gram (example Schlagsahne of MinusL)
  • And I used Lactose-free chocolate paste in my ice-cream!
  1. Pick a container that you can close properly and can put in your freezer.
  2. Put 2 tablespoons of your lactose-free yogurt, and do the whole pack lactose free whipped cream in here. (Note, I used the base for making whipped cream, and not actual already whipped cream that's done!!)
  3. Stir until it's equally mixed.
  4. Then add 3 tablespoons with something that you like!
  5. So in my case I added three tablespoons of lactose and gluten free chocolate paste.
  6. Stir everything now very well together, put everything in your container and put the lid on your container.
  7. Put it in the freezer, and you have delicious ice cream after 3-4 hours!
  8. It is important that you not make this ice cream days in advance, but really on the same day .. Because it is otherwise very hard and it's less delicious!!
Tips / Variations: You can also replace the natural yoghurt with like a vanilla yogurt, caramel or something else that you like!
Grab a vanilla pod, and cut in half lengthwise and place the marrow of the vanilla pod on your ice cream.
Love coconut? Then think of, for example, use coconut milk or add some coconut flakes when you're whisking everything together.
Just be creative!!


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