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Emma started blogging for her first website in August 2013, since then she had a lot of partnerships with companies for reviews, did giveaways. She also does partnerships/advertising on her Instagram. In 2016 she decided that she had more to offer than only food related things, and that was the start of this website.

  • Instagram followers : +18.000
  • Twitter followers : +1300

Her previous website ( was also been featured in a local magazine, and a recipe from her is posted on a big food website : (Click here to visit that website) she also is a big fighter for her Chronic Lyme Disease Awareness, and she was featured in a Dutch magazine with 4 pages, 2 newspapers, and on a local news website.

Because we think that a partnership has to be suitable for the website and the readers, we can’t guarantee anything, so please email with your ideas or info about ads!

What more can we mean for you?

  • We can help with suitable food schedules for people with food allergies.
  • We can write a review about your product or a review about a hotel, restaurant and how allergy friendly they are.

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